Monday, April 8, 2013

mechonat hereg – self titled (online release 2011)


"So a few months back I was doing some random searching on youtube, you know the type of searching you only do when you are at the lowest of lows and bored out of your mind. I fell upon Mechonat Hereg while searching for random videos made by fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, I set the settings to most recent downloads and the one at the very top of the list was a track called Snipe Hunt. They took a track by AgNb and manipulated in there own way and created a masterful piece of work that just made me want to listen to more. I started doing research right away and found out they were from Israel, my first reaction was wow, I’ve never heard anything of this type from Israel, granted I haven’t really heard much from the area really at all. I was able to find them on Facebook and automatically extended the offer of releasing their album here in the states as a free download and they agreed to it. I had been talking to one of the two members of Mechonat Hereg, Rafi and he seemed really astonished of how I found them being from the states and all. This made me realize that we aren’t so much different from one another even living so many thousands away from each other. I was just as astonished at the fact that I found people that enjoy and produce music just like I do and from the other side of the world. This label / blog has really in my opinion would be nothing without the internet, none of the bands you listen to from this blog would have never been found by myself if it wasn’t for this luxury a bunch of people take for granted. This is a tool of great power and without it we would be nothing, without you all, the fans, we would be nothing. So from all of us here at ROBO! Robotica, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, please enjoy the the buttload of releases we got coming your way in the next few weeks. -RR!"

1. Intro
2. Busted
3. We the People
4. Snipe Hunt
5. Activate Damage
6. Pushin Heroin
7. Mavet Lasamelet
8. Motor Hour
9. Start The Riot
10. Bone Crusher
11. Mechonat Hereg
12. Virus
13. Night
14. nicky
15. Sea Sickness

Main -
Alternate -

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