Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tipota Naxaso "Eifo Ha'adam" EP 2010

Update! Finally this great piece is on Bandcamp! Check it out below!

Underground political hip-hop band from Jerusalem singing against racism and occupation, for the people, justice and peace. Hope to open closed minds and delete society’s pink glasses.

This EP was released just before their tour in Greece this autumn. I'm not sure that there are left more copies of this CD right now, so if you want to get your piece with nice artwork and lyrics translated into English, just get in touch with their record label Urban Decay Records


1. Tipota Naxaso
2. Osher
3. Korabl durakov
4. Ravnodushie
5. Graffiti
6. Golosui za rai
7. Pro Traktor
8. Garmonia besporidkov
9. Klishe
10. Shoter
11. V Otkaz
12. Czyburashka


Main -
Alternate -


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