Monday, June 6, 2011

Lehakat HaZoharim (The Fluorescents) - Incomplete Discography(?)

"Proto"-punk from the mid nineties. Below is all the stuff they ever recorded - two demo tapes and a CD - except for their officially released album "Exposure" which will be uploaded sometime in the future. Can't really say i liked more than three or four songs. The only proper punk song is "ze lo koev" and the rest is more like noise-rock or something. Many thanks to Avi Pitchon for his help with obtaining these recordings. For more info, I recommend this article from 1997 (hebrew):

First Demo - 

Track List:

1. Listen Close
2. Labour
3. Ze Lo Koev
4. Kol Kach Harbe Zman
5. 13 Women
6. I was
7. Im Hayiti Shikor
8. HaMazochist (Tetofefi Li Al HaRosh)


4 Track Demo

Track List:
1. Texaco
2. I'm Getting Tired
3. Congo Man
4. The World of Grey
5. Twilight Wheels
6. I was
7. Numb
8. Sweet Georgia Brown


Live At Tmuna Theater (Tel Aviv 29.7.01)

Track List:
1. Need Not
2. Telepathic Treats
3. Small Fiber
4. 5-4
5. Neon Lights
6. I leave
7. New Jam Odd Spring
8. A Day Past Strings
9. I Found A Way
10. It Doesn't Hurt You


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  1. אחלה תודה רבה
    מחפש כבר כמה שנים את האלבום המלא
    שים לב ששיר מספר שלוש בהופעה הוא 5/4 ולא שיר מספר ארבע

    אגב אני מחפש חומרים של ההרכב הזה
    יכול להיות שלך או לפיטשון יש משהו ?