Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gimlaim Yotzrim - Demo (2002?)

How can anything be so shitty and the same time so awesome? In many ways, this band really sucked. They didn't know how to play, and in their demo the bass is too loud and the singing is way too low. On the other hand, the lyrics and the concept was genius, their singer was great, and it wasn't their fault that they were only seventeen at the time. Here's what they had to say about themselves:

Formed in order to aid and cherish Jerusalem's creative senior citizens society, Gimlayim Yotsrim are - arguably, the most influential metal bands to emerge in the proximity of Ziv and Ort high schools. Spreading their notorious lifestyle and strange habits among the tender teenagers of Jerusalem, the Band's Musical Influences varies from the German Based "Damburger", through the infamous "Streitberg" to the band's favorite, the Belgian "Martin's Pielsner". With its pro-elders lyrics, the band sees itself as the voice of many senior citizens who are left alone by the anti-elders government, ruled by the evil Prime Minister Sharon, and his staff of evil, heartless assistants.
The band's leading vocalist explains: "What the hell are you talking about!? This has nothing do to with Sharon, his staff of evil, heartless assistants or any other political matters. Really. We just got REALLY bored one day, and needed to find other ways to spend perfectly good money on rehearsals"
The bands way to create music had been described as "Weird" by anyone who watched it. Fatzy, the bands Bass player, sheds some light on the somewhat bizarre technique used by Gimlayim Yotsrim: "what we were originally trying to do
was to merge between the traditional Neo-Nostalgic golf - in its mainstream
interpretation, and Abady-Classica beer style. Sadly, all we got was this junk. But I like it. I think this junk - more than anything else, sets the Gimlayim aside from any other band. They can play - we can't. This is the core of the Gimlayim, in my opinion.
And so, if hadn't been caught by secret agents in the supermarket, or by the raging mob that always seems to hunt them down, the Gimlayim Yotsrim band members continue to roam the streets of the holy city of Jerusalem. And there is no stopping them.

1. Shir Iri
2. Gotem (shir gothi)
3. Shir Mizrahi
4. Mesima Kulinarit
5. Re'ach HaMata (moosh)
6. Shir HaManof (manof merusha)
7. Yababam Rocky
8. Malkodet HaAhava


Rare bonus! Gimlaim Yotzrim's Theme Song:


  1. WOW...... Here is was searching for some old "Nikmat Olalim" songs, and found my band..

    Giora-man, who's it hanging?


  2. all is well.. how are you? where u at nowadays?