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TOGETHER - Beneath The Underground (2006)

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"well i guess it all started not too long ago, around june 2005.
Appel ( Ex- Under Pressure) and Assaf (ex- Un Loaded - Soon In Here) had this wet dream for long years to form an israeli HxCx band that'll smash down venues every friday night.
Our drummer, Corey, who played in Not Kosher, Evil Weasel and Phony pony that time has joined in on the drumset and then Appel suggested that Nadav (or Myself) will Join in as 2nd guitar, around that time my other band Soon In Here has just broke up..
so i had an amount of spare time for some hardcore fun.
The four of us had our first rehearsal @ Shvil Hamifal and it was awsome. we wrote a few instrumental hxc songs, which were nice, since we didn't have a lead vocal yet.
3 Months later Shai ( Ex- Under Pressure) joined the group and our first song, titled "the last song", was written....
we kept on rehersing as we came up with the name "TOGETHER".
we played our first show at 18/11/05 @ the patifon, a small and cool venue that we like alot. the show was full and awsome, all our friends were showing they're supprt and the other bands were great as hell.
we kept on playing shows and writing new songs for awhile, along the way we met noam ( who agreed to record us for free at his house. that means that Noam is achla gever.
for quite a long time we worked at the studio on these 7 songs and now its out to the open...
Our EP/CD entitled "Beneath The Underground" is out now...
so get it while you can!

Take Care, Stay True

Track list:
01 - The Last Song
02 - Quit Pretending
03 - Bring Back
04 - Don't Count On Me
05 - Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets
06 - Once Again
07 - Waiting To Burst


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