Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shalosh Hait - S/T CD (2009 reissue)

Late eighties, Jerusalem based, post punk legend, Shalosh Hait's self titled album, plus bonus cd with unreleased studio material, and live recordings. a classic. This CD is still available from the Uganda Shop. I'm not sure what part of the release is in the file I have, and why its title is "Akher", any additional information will be much appreciated.

1. Al Tizak
2. I Am The Words
3. Swallow the Tracks
4. Moshe
5. Brara
6. Feel The Earth
7. Film
8. Kankan
9. Words
10. Holyland


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  1. Hey.
    Great site. respect! Problem is that the rip of the 3ח album is terrible (lots of noises in the background, like there's a cable problem) can you please upload it again?