Thursday, May 27, 2010

SxFxTxCx - God Bless SxFxTxCx + Unreleased Rightway Demo

"SxFxTxCx are four fearless warriors from a dimension not yet perceivable by mankind. Started in 2004... hardly did anything except for recording an EP in 2005 and then waiting until 2007 to release it. It's called "God Bless SxFxTxCx" and you can download it FOR FREE and in its entirety at Now with a new drummer, Corey, who is an israeli punk-rock institute in his own, we are back to play more senseless bullshit while attractive women dream of hosting our collective sperm. God bless us, and God bless you, the SxFxTxCx fans." (from:

01 SxFxTxC
02 Shmen For The Children
03 All I Know
04 NO!!
05 Hardcore Soul
06 futuristic japanese hellriders from outer space
07 USUFTUTZU (+ Bonus)

Main -
Alternate -

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