Saturday, April 13, 2013

Under the Bench - web demo (2008)

A short lived band that had it's last show at the patihone at the 30 years for punk shows. These files are internet rips from files they uploaded to myspace and youtube. Thanks to Maverick89 for uploading the files.

1. מדינת צבא
2.  השיגרה.
3. Cажусь в тюрьму
4. Нажат на курок
5. Cажусь в тюрьму 2
6. Ultra Violence (The Oppressed Cover)
7. Индустрия смерти (Пурген Cover)
8. Падонки (F.P.G. Cover)
9. Cажусь в тюрьму


Ultra Violence (The Oppressed Cover)

Индустрия смерти (Пурген Cover)

Нажат на курок

Падонки (F.P.G. Cover)

Main -
Alternate -

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