Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plishat Hotfei HaGufot - s/t (cd, 2010)

'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' is the correct translation of the band's name I usually don't put out CDs and specially not in a big amount but for this band (that don't exist anymore), that aim for the crowed of cd listenrs, fuck it I woundt mind, if this band was still existing it would be probly on a vinyl now following a tour somewhere. this band was based in the Patifon club which was for years the house of alternative and independent  israeli rock n roll bands of all kind (such as Monotonix, Carusella, Achzavoth and many more), Plishat is a 4-piece of highschool kids who wanted to simply kick out the fucking jams, they combine a hugh veraity of geners and never stopped exploring their musical boundries till they broke up, so expect some noisy punky psyched out guitars and drums and humming vocals, like a fucking ice cream on a hot sweaty Israeli summer day.
you can find the band members nower days playing in some of the following names: Uzbeks, Rutsi Buba, Firetrucks Rally, Mad Choice & Ad Turner and The Danilof Center (taken from

1. Nakrofilia
2. Neshek
3. Eima Neurim
4. Tel Aviv Nehrevet
5. Shir HaDam
6. Ivrit
7. Meshuamam
8. Sipur Kazar 1
9. Sipur Kazar 2
10. Yeled Sheled
11. Plishat Hotfei HaGufot
12. Satanism

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