Friday, September 9, 2011

You're Next EP

1. You're Next
2. Deadly 18
3. Struggle Inside
4. Fallen Love
5. Start Again
6. Hardcore Pride




  1. hey guys, question.... I am going to be in Israel from middle December to end of January this year... how do I find out what underground shows are on? I don't speak or read Hebrew but will of course be with people who do.... I've been many times before so know my way around and will be able to travel to any far-flung city, moshav, whatever (in theory at least) to see something good. I am basically a fan of HC, pv, grindcore, good metal, etc. Thanks if you can help me out.

  2. Hey, stay in contact with me a week before you come and I will send you a list of shows. There is nothing booked yet for that period but it's around new year's eve so it should be packed with shit to do!

  3. yeah you can email me too

  4. wow that's awesome guys, thanks alot - I will definitely email you both closer to the time. Are shows mostly in the TA area?

  5. yes, shows are mostly in tel aviv... if you have fbook you can check this page out