Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dirk Diggler - S/T CD (2010)

Fat, hairy, sweaty grindcore. Dirk Diggler is an uncompromising, never shameful, barricade of noise and i fucking love 'em. To me, they are the musical version of Jim Goad's "Trucker Fags in Denial". This CD is still available through Heart & Crossbone Recrods and through Urban Decay, so if you like it, buy it!

1. A song that is all me
2. Hell Arrives with New Branding
3. without clothes you don't look religious
4. Fractel Geometry
5. A Killing Spree to Cleanse Your Smile
6. The Voice that Dripps Sorrow
7. Close your eyes (Open your mouth)
8. Blood stains on birthday pictures
9. Octopus Arms
10. Sandy Bar (with sperm on top)
11. Skin (Lying to himself)
12. A True Rider Rides a Pony
13. The First Days of January
14. Nitzba!




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