Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beer 7 - Bli Revach CD (2010)

Beer7 have uploaded their last album on bandcamp. This CD is still available for purchase thru the band! There was a gap of about 5 years between the release of this and their debut album, and you can really hear the difference. Much tighter ska-punk, and with the added bonus of horns. Nice stuff!
On a side note i'd like to say i think bandcamp is a really awesome project. CD's are an obsolete format and this place lets bands make money off their music while keeping the streaming free. Yada yada...

1. 7 beer bottles
2. A pig in answer
3. anti shanti
4. chicks for a NIS
5. Antennas
6. My mom killed the punk
7. en mc
8. Emo Kid
9. sk8 is gr8 II
10. sars
11. hummus
12. ghosts
13. rinat



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  1. this sounds really great.
    and the things i'd like to do to dafna...