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It's All Lies: VA - Autonomous Zone (CD) + Video and Book (2000)

The book It's All Lies is a collection of flyers/posters/protest art and graphics from the Israeli radical movements of the past 30 odd years. The editors have reproduced hundreds of pieces of propaganda translated in both Hebrew and English in one oversized left-bound volume. This book celebrates resistance to the apartheid state of Israel and shows that within its borders there are caring, thinking, questioning individuals who are ignored in the West's Pro-Ariel Sharon media.  As timely , informative, and important as a book can be. Comes with a multimedia CD containing 30 Israeli punk bands, the book as a PDF, and the short film "May 35".

The bands on the compilation:
USF (Urban Skate Fanatics)
Were formed by kids from Bat Yam and Ness Tziona (some miles southern to Tel Aviv) in early 1996. They played regularly at the "Gada Smalit" (Left Bank) before they toured the East Coast / Midwest of the US in the summer of 1997 (together with Nekhei Naatza) and broke up some weeks before the tour they released a demo tape which most of it was used for their posthumous " released by Volkstaat records in 1998. Some of those songs are recycled here.

This Tel Aviv/Kiriat Ono band was one of the most popular bands of the israeli "punk explosion" of the early/mid 90 's even though their only recorded output was a song on the Israeli punk compilation cassette "Parvarotti" released in 1994. Formed in late 1993 they played very often in the Tel Aviv area until their demise in mid 1995. These two songs were recorded in 1994.

existed for a brief time in early2000, playing one show only (in the Gada Smalit of course!) and releasing a CD- r from which this songs were taken The members were mostly from the Tel Aviv area.

Were from Rishon Le'Tzion (Israel's 4th largest city not far from TA) and like Anus, they never released anything besides their appearance on the "Pavarotti" compilation. They recorded a demo during their existence (mid 94-early 95) from which this song was extracted.

From Herzlya come THE ASTROGLIDES. They were formed in and went through various line up changes playing mostly in The Gada Smalit (the Left Bank club and more recently in the "Patiphon" club in Tel Aviv. The released a CD- r in 1991 and an LP in 2001 on the Israeli indie label Fast Music. They still exist. Because of stupid copyright we could only put one song fuck Acum.

Started in Haifa (the 3 rd largest city , in costal north) in late 1992 broke up in early 1995 and were Israel's first Straight Edge band They played only 2 shows released a split tape with Nekhei Naatza (1993 ) and had songs on both "Pavarotti" and "Break The Cultural Curfew" Israeli HC/Punk compilation 7 " which was released by the US label Beer City in 1995.

Was made up from ex members of USF, Public Domain and Nekhei Naatza. Formed in 1998 they released a demo ( 1998) , a CD -r ( 1998) the “Durchbrechender Geist” 7” (on Germany's Thought Crime 1997 ) a self titled 7" (on Lengua Armada from the US , 2001 ) and appeared on several compilations worldwide. They toured West Europe in the fall of '99. These songs are unreleased.

From the Tel -Aviv erea. Formed in1991 and broke up in 1998. They released a disk on the label of “The Third Ear” in1998 and recorded several demos that were never officially released.

Hailed from Lehavot Habashan & Dan , 2 "kibbutzim" in the Upper Galilee Paralyzed several times by line up changes they lasted from late 1990 until mid 1997. Their releases includes a split tape (1993 ) "Renounce Judaism" 7 " (Beer City 94' ) "Hail The New Regime" LP (Beer City 1997 ) and a split cassette with Italy's Muddle (1997) . Also appeared on "Pavarotti” and "Break The Cultural Curfew" , as well as several compilations abroad. Broke up after the US tour with USF . These songs recorded in 1997 were part of a planned 2 nd 7 " which remains unreleased

(taken from:

1. Pi tapuh (apple pie)
2. Lo rothe (don’t want)
3. Patalogia lahamonim (pathology for the masses)
4. Lahdbic et kol hamanulim shel mehonot hasigariot hooz mebafaculta lemishpatim (to superglue all the cigarette machines except for the ones in the law faculty)
5. Ron arad kalua ethely laad (ron arad is locked up at my place)
6. skate brigade
7. Mitabedet (suicide)
8. Nefila (fall)
9. Promethean amok
10. Drive the final stake
11. Persuasion
12. Goal nefesh (replsive)
13. Kabbalah fucker
14. Negative society
15. Grow up
16. Why be something that your not (negative approach cover)
17. Working class
18. Nehes leumi (national asset)
19. Utopia derech rigul tasiyati (utopia throughindustrial espionage)
20. Hitrashmut soffit (final impression)
21. Hathilu otam mytehom hashichacha (save them from the abyss of forgetfulness)
22. Daka dumia (a minute of silence)
23. Mever lazman hatsuk (beyond the timeof the cliff)
24. haridim eem rottweilers (haridim means fearful the word is also used to describe the religious orthodox community
25. retsach lehaim mepesha (slaughter of the crime profiteers)
26. carthage kahol lavan (carthage blue and white)
27. mahazeh machrid (horrifying spectacle)
28. gilyotina la oligahia ha ysralit (guillotine for the israeli oligarchy)

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