Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anarchomanim (Mishkav Behema) - Milkhemet Bastot

Anarchomanim, or better known by their stage name Mishkav Behema, were a joke band that made cover songs with hebrew lyrics. They were active around 97-00 but when they released their cassette, they told everyone it's a now defunct israeli punk band that was active in the late 70's. ha ha ha.
Later the astroglides, who had ex-members of mishkav behema, did covers to them at their shows, and even recorded these versions in their 2nd album.

*New rip!
1. Milchemet Bastot
2. Be'Kriza
3. Shovrim Levavot, Shovrim Atzamot
4. Rock Russi
5. Ha'Po'el Haifa
6. Makot Im Krashim
7. Yaldey Ha'Arak
8. Tnu Lir'ot 'Ta Derbi
9. Masthap


*Old Rip
Partial Track List (sorry about the mess inside the .rar):

HaPoel Haifa
Makot Im Krashim
Milkhemet Bastot
Rock Russi
Shobrim Shobrim
Tnu Lirot TaDerbi
Yaldei HaArack



  1. you didnt uploaded "mashtap"
    one of the best numbers here!

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  3. on a second look... inside the zip "Mashtap" is file 09--~1.MP3 a better rip will be uploaded at some point