Sunday, May 23, 2010

Va'adat Kishut - Cheap But Elegant (2004)

An (almost) all-female band that was active around '02-'04. The CD was released on Boshet Records and is still available through Urban Decay Records! It's a bit unfortunate that the band broke up shortly after (or maybe even before?) the release of their cd and so it was never really distributed properly. Thanks to public school for uploading this.

1. Metzihot Metorefet
2. Achaticha Achasera
3. Zvuv – Fly
4. Hardcore Tel-Aviv
5. Cockies
6. Boba Shel Hardcore
7. Tzitzim
8. Yom Rishon
9. Yorkut Al Hazirim
10. Shir Atrempim
11. Lo Mavina – Don’t Understand

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