Sunday, May 23, 2010

Noon Mem - The Final Ada (1990)

The long anticipated re-issue of one of the first Israeli punk bands ever! A 5 part historical text (in hebrew) about the band was written by front man A.P. and can be read here. There are still a few copies of the CD (which also includes a DVD with a vintage documentary and a live show, a 40 page zine, archive footage and the original artwork) available at the Uganda. Here is an excerpt from their description of this release:
"Noon Mem, which formed in 1988 and split up in early 1991 following a handful of concerts and a single audio cassette release, was the first Israeli political punk band. Its short-lived history nevertheless sowed the seeds for the emergence of a real punk/hardcore movement a couple of years later. While an underground scene that encompassed punk, new-wave and industrial music existed in Israel since the early 80s, Noon Mem was the first band to apply influences of British anarcho-punk to the political realities of The Middle East. [...] in a time when separate genre-based scenes barely existed, those who were committed enough to actually be willing to play in a band found it relatively easy to relate to one another. The glue binding the members wasn't shared political ideals or even taste in music – but sheer individuality and desire to do things differently. [...]"


1. intro
2. post popper
3. the political song
4. the final ada
5. barry prodom
6. it will be me
7. golani
8. don't want to get high
9. weisss
10. daniella weiss
11. intro to improvisation for striptease - the wall
12. improvisation for striptease - the wall
13. palestinian skinheads
14. black flag
15. losing the place in line
16. no more gigs
17. jamali forush
18. the man in the street
19. bapardes leyad hashoket
20. birthday song
21. announcer #2


Historical Text:



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