Monday, May 31, 2010

The Unnecessary Revolution - 1st of 3 e.p. (2005)

"The Unnecessary Revolution exists for no purpose in its different forms and with changing band members ever since 1991. loyal to the bizzare system that was forced upon them ever since they came up with their name, the unnecessary revolution never missed a chance to fail in their well tought, acquired skills. their music falls into the mello-dyslectic genre, a mutation of french chansons, psychedelia and avantgarde jazz music that was left in the sun to sour. "1st of 3" was recorded together with its two step brothers on 2002, while its editing and mixing went on until mid 2005." (from:

1. Aiwa 5-0
2. Tuna Fish
3. Sufle Leben
4. Metzayer BaAnanim
5. Sound Is A Fiction

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Alternate -


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