Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lehakat Israel - Sheker Kahol Lavan (1996)

Experimental noise / proto-punk / hip-hop circa 1987-2001. Lehakat Israel has been reffered to as the backbone of the jerusalem underground music scene, and yet it still remains quite obscure to many, me included. This is their first CD release (as opposed to cassette) and it is also available for download through their own webpage (, where you can find some other interesting things. An interview with them from '88 can be found here, but unfortunately for some of yous, it's in hebrew.

1. Malkhut Zara
2. Kereka Alek
3. Mashiach
4. Parpar Mahshava
5. Ez BaSade
6. Migdal Pikuah Rashut HaShidur
7. Bet Yehova


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