Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Missed Call - Unreleased Album

In a previous post, i referred to One Missed Call (a.k.a. Eat Food) as a Useless ID knockoff band. I take that back. One Missed Call is a great punk rock band, and stands out completely on its own accord. This is their unreleased album, which was recorded right before they split up, and that no one has ever heard. 
Thanks a lot to Eyal for sending me the album and the pictures, hopefully a more informative bio of the band will be posted in the near future.


1. Plan B
2. Tonight Story
3. Missing Target
4. Movie
5. Graduation Mix
6. Still Relevant 
7. Walking

Download (new link!!):


  1. למה הורידו ?:(

  2. איזה צרפתי החליט שגנבתי לו זכויות.... אל דאגה אני עוד אטפל בזה

  3. hi! as i didn't find an email address to contact you i'm trying it here. i will be coming to israel for 5 months in october and was wondering where you go for good shows? and for record shopping? i am so glad i found this blog, it's awesome!! thank u xo

  4. גיורה! טפל בזה! רוצים מוזיקה!

  5. new links are up!

    maren - hope you found all the info you were looking for...