Friday, August 12, 2011

Duralex Sedlex - HaShanim HaRaot 1984-1992 CD (1995)

Duralex Sedlex are deliberately a marginal band. They are not nice, they don't want to be liked and are not looking for mainstream success. Their sound is different: non-melodic, based on metallic noises and distortion; and so are the themes of their songs: fascism, violence, politics, and especially the Holocaust trauma. In the 90's the band was primarily a means of expression for one person, Ori Dromer: musician, writer, plastic artist, art teacher and a revolutionary, who was living with his father in a room in Givatayim that looked like a temple for punk, thrash and alternative music, horror movies and books on philosophy and the Holocaust. (written by Yoav Kutner,

1. Isha Ra'a
2. BaDir Sheli HaKol Kasher
3. Cancer Hallucinations (Mix)
4. Khalil Jobran
5. Cyclone B
6. Yom Shishi
7. Land of Thousand Dances
8. Cancer Hallucinations
9. Detroit Rock City
10. Easy Rider
11. Im HaPanim LaYam
12. Hasamba
13. Havi'u Li Et Rosho Shel HaMahat
14. Shir HaGiben
15. 500 Milim
16. Smol Yemin Smol
17. Rav BeIsrael


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