Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bo LaBar - Bong Rock LP (2011)

Bo LaBar's long awaited official release! This was recorded three years ago, but the band was too lazy (or too fucked up) to do anything about it. Now they have finally released the album on bandcamp (which is a choice i greatly appreciate) and hopefully in the future it will be printed on vinyl

Update! This (and Bo La Bar's 2nd) album is now available on vinyl through BANDWORM Records

1. Ksesa LeBangim
2. Bangim Karahan
3. Asson BeRishon
4. Rak BaMahshev
5. Bong Rock
6. Alek Punk
7. HaPlata Hegia
8. Kses Raal
9. Anis
10. Sfira LeAhor
11. Tavi Li TaPach
12. Raiti Et Narco
13. Bong Rock 2
14. HaMan Shel HaMan
15. Buff Herum
16. Tavi Li Puff
17. Bo LaPark

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