Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleep Furious - S/T unreleased LP

This is the LP version of Sleep Furious' CD. It was supposed to be released on a german label but like many things in punk history, it just never happened. This band is absolutely amazing, it's like nothing that ever existed around here in israel. This is like HHIG or Tragedy - a sound and a feeling a lot of bands tried to imitate but only a few really succeeded. The secret is all about being unique.

1. Intro
2. Sometimes
3. We
4. And Maybe
5. Criticizing
6. Instrumental
7. Feels Like
8. Long Day
9. Searching
10. As I
11. I Used To
12. Outro



  1. אחי הלינק מת

    באהבה אמיט הבן זונה נאצי

  2. fantastic blog - thanks for the insight into the Israeli punk/ HC scene all I have really heard before is Dir Yassin, Useless ID, Nekhei Naatza and Nikmat Olalim before

    this however is the one thing i have been trying to track down for ages (as got 1 song already) but the link is down... be lovely if it was re-upped but understand if you don't (due to time, energy etc)

    anyhow thanks again

  3. i lie, and Smartut Kahol Lavan and Va'adat Kishut + now i think about it USF

    anyhow point stands - thanks for lots of the other stuff

  4. thanks. anywhere i can buythis cd. i hsve a flyrr from years ago that said the lp is out but i guess not.