Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mad Choice - Demos (2003, 2011)

This band is a wet dream of its founder, guitarist and lead singer, that still hasn't reached its fullest. The band was active back in 2003, played a couple of shows, released an online demo, and then broke up. Now all of a sudden they're back from the dead. Unfortunately I missed their first show so i have no idea what are the exact changes in the line up. Musically they sound now like a more grown up punk rock band. The songs are more melodic and a bit more complex and everything in general sounds tighter and more 'settled down'. I wish them all the best.

Demo 2003 Tracks:
1. Every Time
2. What I'd Never
3. Dream About You (cover)
4. Suffer
5. Brutality feat. pikitup
6. I Want To

Demo 2003 Download:

Demo 2011 Tracks:
1. Not Like I'm Told
2. Freak Out
3. Just Like Wine

Demo 2011 Download:

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