Friday, February 25, 2011

Couscous - Dirty Couscous - Various Recordings

A dark, ominous, secret project by members of the great band Couscous. The streets of Nesher were a hard place to grow up at and these guys (combined with some dude from Second Hand Smoke if i'm not wrong) figured hardcore punk just isn't enough. They made several side projects, and recorded demos in their room or something like that.This is some weird stuff, some of it is real crap, but some songs are hilarious, original, and just plain awesome.

1. Couscous - Signon Metumtam
2. Couscous Funky - Gangster1 (inst.)
3. Couscous Funky - Gangster
4. Couscous Funky - HaMazav BaAretz
5. Couscous - Pizza Im Suliya
6. Couscous - Rezakh Offi
7. Couscous - Rock Israeli / Imascha Jinjit
8. Sala Squad - Gadna Ze Khara
9. Couscous - Ani Ohev Punk
10. Couscous Shakhor - Bohen
11. Couscous Shakhor - Khatul
12. Couscous Shakhor - Eize Kef
13. Couscous Shakhor - Kaffe Turkey Shel HaKKK
14. Couscous Shakhor - Pita
15. Couscous Shakhor - Tal HaSatan
16. Couscous Shakhor - Yuval HaDrakon
17. Couscous Shakhor - HaZemakh Shel HaSatan


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