Thursday, January 20, 2011

Uzbeks - Goggles & Flipflops LP (2010)

The full LP of the most exciting band to emerge from the sewers of israel in the last couple of years. Released right before their european tour during the summer of 2010. This is a reincarnation of Citizen X powered by the best musicians around. The record is a joint released of 6 record labels and is available also through Urban Decay Records. The link is for a stream listen only.

1. A1 Electro Man & Highschool
2. A2 El Vampiro
3. A3 Apocalypse
4. A4 Scapegoat
5. A5 Skin And Bones
6. A6 Alice DIY
7. A7 Satanic Bible
8. B1 Sodom And Gomorrah
9. B2 Wolf Attack
10. B3 Mossad
11. B4 Two Rats
12. B5 Get A Gun
13. B6 The Truth Within
14. B7 Pills

Listen Online:

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