Friday, October 15, 2010

VA - 28 Fingaz & a Twintoe Cassette (2010)

28 friends of twintoe on a 60 minutes colorfull limited tape.

A1. Bernays Propaganda - Buldozer
A2. Achzavoth - Tam! Tam! Tam!
A3. Julith Krishun - Smoke in the Wind
A4. Dean Dirg - Grey White Gery
A5. do you like my shoes - Bad Day
A6. Smart Bomb - Spamin the World (with a Cause)
A7. Plishat Hotfey Hagufot - Yeled Sheled
A8. Tea With Satan - Godgore
A9. Not On Tour - What come outta yo mouth
A10. Time Of My Life - Thank you, no way
A11. Blue Screen Of Death - Heads in the clouds
A12. Dirk Diggler - a true rider rides a pony
A13. Mondo Gecko - Psychosis to control
A14. Ding Dong Dead - Leidenschaft
A15. So Long Suckers - Entrepreneur

B1. Les Trucs - Probier doch mal zink
B2. Uzbeks - Electroman + Friends from highschool
B3. Shenkin Punx - Ishtecha refesh
B4. BatalJ - complete transection of the spinal cord
B5. Sex Jams - once in a house on fire
B6. Bo Labar - Alek Punk
B7. Oktadove - oktadove
B8. Hungry Lungs - Herrin armut
B9. Smartut Kahol Lavan - Terror ze lizrom
B10. Babelfishh and Oskar Ohlson - rust builds quick

B11. Suckinim Baenaim - coffee gives me energy
B12. Press Gang - D.I.Y.
B13. D9 - deadman in the street

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