Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sloppy Youth - Demo CDR (2010)

I really like this band. To me they're like the trashy and israeli version of JFA, After a really long time where there were no new faces around, the same ol' musicians changing bands and lineups, came these 4 little kids from haifa, and showed everybody what punk is really about - being young, sloppy, and having fun being just that!

1. Crappy Popunk From '07
2. Friends (Crew)
3. Biggest Lie In History
4. Stop The Hatred
5. Dumb and Bass, Dumb Step Kids
6. Bibi Etzli Ba'aron
7. Slob With A Job (Mavet Lakesef)
8. Policia Corrupta
9. Kaha Ze HaMa'arekhet
10. Sloppy Youth! No'ar Merushal



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