Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nisrefet (Her Burning) - Deprivation Rock CD (1998)

"From the Tel -Aviv erea. Formed in 1991 and broke up in 1998. They released a disk on the label of “The Third Ear” in1998 and recorded several demos that were never officially released." Apparently still available through Earsay.

1. Ptiha
2. Mezakh Murkan
3, Stiya
4. Dam Hadash
5. Matekhet, Etz, Zkhukhit
6. Pney HaRa'al
7. Hamulat
8. Sina'a LeSina'a
9. Nisrefet
10. Zel HaYetzer
11. Ani Ro'e
12. Matekhet, Etz, Zkhukhit (machiniak vs. her burning - Meanwhile in Krakov Mix)
13. Ziftzuf



  1. Nisrefet started in the summer of 1992 after Avi Pitchon (ex Noon Mem) posted a note looking to join/start a new band, in Tel-Aviv's famous record shop The Third Ear. He was contacted by guitarist Yariv Perlmuter, bassist Eran Weinstein and drummer Ophir Spak and so Nisrefet started playing its first gig in support of Plastic Venus. The band played many gigs with punk and hardcore bands although its sound was a melodic, metal-tinged 'stadium noise'. More info when I start a proper Myspace instead of the above inactive dodgy one!