Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Astroglides - Channel Surfing With... CD (2003)

The first full out instrumental album by this amazing hardorce / surf band. This is their third CD, where they decided to lay off the hardcore and do a tribute to classic movie soundtracks from the fifties. This album is still available through Sshaking recordsS and through Uganda.

1. Tropically Disturbed
2. Cruisin Down Menahem Begin Blvd
3. Inspector Neer
4. The Man With the Golden Reverb
5. Nervous Man in a $4 Room
6. The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob
7. Gunslinger 406 Malfunction
8. Crime and the Law
9. 2003 Horsepower
10. Pascua Negra
11. English, English, English
12. Meat Cleavage
13. Second Look
14. Sunday Syndrome
15. Sharqiya
16. High Tide
17. Dark Surf
18. Sewerpipe Ride
19. Kabbalah Fucker



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