Thursday, June 17, 2010

VA -- Breaking The Cultural Curfew 7" (1995)

"After putting out a 7″ for ‘Nekhei Naatza’ we asked them if they could asemble a comp of bands from Israel. They were more then happy to do it for us and this 7″ was the result. It showed a diverse range of bands plus was the first introduction for most people to what was going on in Israel in the punk scence. This was also the first debut of ‘Useless ID’ who actually became very poular world wide in the pop punk circuit." (from:

1. Public Domain – Working Class
2. Kuku Bloff – Bat Sheva
3. Rampage – The Thrasher in You
4. 911 Pigs – Skate
5. Useless ID – Is it Right
6. Nekhei Naatza – Concentration Camps for Northeners


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