Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trademark - Stolen Melodies (2007)

"Trademark was formed about 5 years ago, in a little place called Tel Aviv, Israel. The band's first show took place in the Pathiphone which had become their home club until it's closing in 2007. Throughout the years the band had played in numerous clubs and stages around Israel, accompanying big acts such as Useless ID and Man Alive and also international acts including MXPX. The band started out as Punk Rock influenced, and under that genre released an EP called Meshartey Ha'Boss (i.e. Servants of the Boss) in 2005 and a first LP named Stolen Melodies in 2007, both of them under the non profit Israeli record label Right Way Records. [...]" (From:

01. Intro
02. The Servants Of The Boss
03. Coffee Break
04. 10 AM
05. Ticket To Hell
06. We Don't Belive
07. Brainwash
08. Train To Nowhere
09. Blacktory
10. From The Sky
11. Stolen Melodies



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