Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not On Tour - S/T (2010)

Not On Tour's new CD is available for stream / download / purchase! This shit is hot so go get it before it runs out!

1. Baby You Such A Ho 00:33
2. Not On Tour 00:33
3. Silly Thoughts 00:59
4. What Comes Outta Yo Mouth 01:04
5. Don't Touch My Stuff 01:27
6. Central Station, Final Destination 00:37
7. Split The Earth 00:42
8. Rhyme-Less 00:30
9. Cut All The Cords 01:14
10. Peace Of Mind 02:06
11. Disturbing Hour 01:47
12. Ok, What Now? 01:49
13. Postcards 01:44
14. Need Fixing 01:45
15. On The Road 01:21
16. Lazy Ass Brother 01:24

stream / download / purchase:


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  2. thanks a lot! i have added the blogroll to the related sites tab on the right as i prefer to keep blog posts strictly for music downloads. i hope this is satisfactory on your part. thanks again!