Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Neged HaKibush 2 be 5 - Smolanim Mizdainim demo (2005)

Same recording as the Free Tali Fahima split, only a shittier rip and without the samples. If anyone has the original demo on CD-R and can rip it normally i will thank them for eternity.
*Edit: Aflalo has ripped and sent me a normal rip of the demo and thus won my eternal gratitude. Apparently  i only had a few tracks and not the whole demo, which has the mastered live to channels recording and another rougher recording of a rehearsal, which some of us favored and therefore put it in the cd as well.  I'm keeping the link for the shitty rip just for the fun of it, but you should probably download the normal rip.

1. Misgeret
2. Adishut
3. Neged Hakivush
4. Wachad Wachad
5. Admat Avotaino
6. Misgeret
7. Wachad Wachad
Insert & Lyrics (hebrew)
8. Admat Avotaino
9. Neged Hakibush
10. Untitled



  1. who were the guitarist and drummer of this band?

  2. drummer - moshe g. guitarist - yishay b.a.