Sunday, May 16, 2010

T.S.S. - Demo

TSS, or Toxic Shock Syndrome, was the first attempt at making a female-front anarcho-feminist hardcore-punk band. I was the bass player for a few rehearsals but I can't remember if I participated in recording the demo. I guess I did but it sounds a bit too good for me to accept I had a part in it. Anyway, the band dismantled before playing any shows or becoming really good, but was later reformed as Mitaan, with the same two singers and much more talented bass / guitar / drum players.

*Edit: So Noa says that not only was I the only Bass player in the band, I was the one who remembered all the riffs and we actually played two shows! Maybe I should reconsider going sXe....*

Changing Reality
Hester Panim
Role Play
Spitting Poison


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  1. I even remmember one gig in the Makom Hahadash( shvil hamifal)

    it was like this