Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poliana Frank - No Choosing / Ein Livhor (1990)

Anacrcho-feminist "folk-punk". This band has been active from 1987 till 2002. They never got the right attention from the israeli-punk scene, even though they have a real anarcho-punk attitude. Maybe it's because Against Me! weren't as popular back when they were around... or maybe it's because of their relative popularity amongst the 'normal' ashkenazi, upper-middle-class pseudo-left-wing crowd. This is their 2nd Album.

1. Ziva
2. Strange Fruit
3. Halamti: Tevel Mehusa Afar
4. Escape Will Always Fail
5. I Measure Every Grief I Meet
6. Ani Adam Pashut
7. Hanezurim VeHazodkim
8. Dykes and the Holy War
9. Bekavana
10. It That Stops Me
11. And If
12. Gibor Zva HaHagana
13. Marble Woman
14. Eretz Aheret
15. Ba'alatat
16. Yakirati



  1. Giora, many, many thanks for making that available! I learned about Polianna Frank in the mid-nineties from two Israeli girls I met at university in Germany. Had a tape (good ol' day!), lost it. Never found the actual record in either Germany or the US. Thanks again, mate!

  2. thank u man ! really nice 2 hear this kind of music from that time . pure good old school :) .. . . p.s - i didn't know they r exist till yesterdy