Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Los Kikes (HaYehudonim) - s/t CD (2006)

"The 'Los Kikes' experience can be described as a hallucinogenic symbiosis of fifties Rock n' Roll, Hard-Core Punk, sleazy Garage, profane Black Metal, heroic Stoner-Rock and primitive Surf with a Psychedelic Trance atmosphere in the background. The band made its first steps when Eliav "Batz" Betzalel (ex-frontman of USF, Mishkav Behema and The Astroglides) sharpened his drumsticks and gathered Yaniv Sharon (on guitar, ex-member of Freestyle), Roy Nadel (guitar, member of the Astroglides), Shuki "Shukmyster" Tzarfati (Bass) and Kiryo Postoyv (Vocals) around him in order to form the most malignant band in Israel. The band members managed to mix their own eclectic tastes into an exceptional sound that became their trademark. During the years the band played in varied places, from fancy clubs and over-crowded record stores to the miasmic underground tunnels of Tel-Aviv city. The band's live performances were always exuberant and hectic, and their frantic nature became almost legendary among the local scenesters. The Kikes started to record their first album during 2005, with the glorious Charlie Megira as their producer. Megira's Midas touch blended perfectly with the Kikes crude inclination and the result is Sshaking RecordsS' first release- a deviant journey into the saturnine and blasphemous roots of rock n' roll." (from: http://www.myspace.com/sshakingrecordss)

1. Intro
2. Baltika
3. Gummo
4. Skull / Violence
5. Pint A Way
6. Bezerker
7. Good Clean Vodka
8. Interlude (1)
9. Alambra
10. Interlude (2)
11. Interlude (3)
12. Black Day
13. Pig
14. Interlude (4)
15. Girl Get Out Of My Life
16. Two Points
17. Party Party
18. Explo
19. RipOff Mortition
20. Shadows Of Space & Light
21. Outro



  1. This is my absolute favorite Israeli album. Totally killer. Highly recommended!