Sunday, May 2, 2010


HaNoshmim is an indie-punk band from kibbutz Ein Gev which I heard about a long time after they broke up. Rumor says their singer refused to sing their Rape Song during a show and so their drummer decided to quit. Rumor also says several band members regularly go in and out of mental institutions.



  1. That's the band Becker wouldn't stop talking about after seeing them at Extreme Rock 2002! Up until seeing this post I didn't think they really existed, because no one seemed to have heard of them.

  2. here is a video of their AWESOME song "Ba Li Leonen": I don't know if you can notice but it's the same bass player as the Mummies and the Puppies and Lebanon...

  3. I remember they had a big cult status among Kibbutzniks in the Emek Ha'Yarden Area around 2001-2002. They had a very cool and somehow weird approach that you don't really see in bands nowadays.