Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fishyboom - One Fish Two Fish Drunk Fish Punk Fish

You might not realize this from their album, because the sound is half decent and even though they're a bit slow they have a few funny / cute songs, but this band really sucked when they used to play at punk shows 5 or so years ago. It's not so much their music as their style, they were just really annoying people. I looked them up on google and it seems they're actually still playing shows and shit but in the lamest, saddest, most pathetic way ever. Here's an excerpt i copied into google translate: "Fishibum come running to your party: If you are aged 18 + and you have enough alcohol for us, too, we'll give you appearance Birthday / Party Recruitment / bachelor party / party divorce will not forget. ..." So if you're a dumb ass soldier who wants to play punk for an evening, go give 'em a call..!


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