Sunday, May 2, 2010

CxPxNx - Demo

Circle Pit Ninjas were a fast paced hardcore group that came from Haifa and and played gigs around 00-03. Some of the members were later affiliated with radical socialist and communist groups.

*More details from Aflalo: "They were only around during 2002, really. First show - 20/01/02 (unless you count the show where they jumped on some other band's equipment and played 3 songs in late '01), last show 18/10/02 (fuck, can't believe I remember all of this crazy shit). There were 3 reunion shows, though - in '03, '04, '05. The folder you uploaded is not really the demo - the muddy recording of "Cable TV" is some shit recorded with the old drummer (before Roi) at some practice space. The "real demo" had 6 or 7 songs that they recorded at the old drummer's house, or something. It never got circulated, I really liked it. Then they tried recording at a "real studio" in Haifa, and got super shitty results. The idiot who ran that studio just recorded that shitstraight into his minidisk player!!! You can even hear the "beep"s at the beginning and end of each song... fuck." *


Cable TV Rules
Global Action
Hubba X Bubba


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