Sunday, May 16, 2010

Agroyse Metzie - Kilahar Yad

Hardcore-punk from Kfar Saba from around '02-'05. Most of the band members were scouts (as in boy/girl scouts), in one of their line-ups they had a female drummer, which was kinda cool, their original drummer was Geller from Nikmat Olalim and later Bendor - who's a great drummer that played in a lot of the significant punk bands in Israel - joined them. A lot of people didn't really like them, maybe because they weren't real punks, but if you take the time to listen to them they're actually quite good, funny and interesting.

1. The Opposite is True
2. Doson Hiri
3. Because the Steering Wheel was Dropped
4. Ants
5. Municipal Imperialism
6. Good Arabs
7. Adon Olam
8. HaKam Lehorgekha
9. Hashkem Leha'akhilo


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