Friday, March 20, 2009

Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim - Demo Cassette

Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim is probably the awesomest band that's around now. Their lead singer, Barak Meiri, is a notorious figure in the Israeli punk scene. Even so, this is probably his only decent band. Mahash play pure hardcore punk in the vain of Circle Jerks, Black Flag, etc. They even have a song titled Spray Paint - or more accurately - Spray Zeva. The other band members are Jenia (bass), David (drums) and Tal (guitar). Their demo is available through Urban Decay Records.

1. Ani Zame VeRaev
2. Lo Rotze Lishmoa
3. Yehova Ya Ben Zona
4. Bummer Bitch
5. HaYore MeHar Zion
6. Zkan HaMenuvalim
7. Hof
8. Ani Rotze Lihiyot Shamen
9. Tat Mikla
10. Spray Zeva
11. Eize Kef Lihiyot Meohav
12. Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim
13. Holiday in the Sun
14. Bummer Bitch (hidden track)

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  1. Demo, not album. Our debut album will be released later this year. And we're not HC Punk, we're Punk Rock.

  2. דמו, אלבום, מה כבר ההבדל?

    יש בעיה בלינק אבל

  3. אופס! הלינק תוקן.

  4. Wish my Hebrew would be better, living in Germany and just have learned some Hebrew because of being Jewish actually. Loving the music you're posting here and of course the music of your band. Hope Nikmat Olalim will come soon to Germany again. :)
    Anyway, I saw this article written by Oi Polloi about the so called Antideutsche on your homepage. I loved it and it was completly right. These stupid kids calling themselves anti-fascist but even working together with the German rightwingers.

    By the way, sorry for my bad English and for talking to much nonsense. ^^