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Dir Yassin - Discography (LP, 2005)

From Clouds of Cancer blog:
"Dir Yassin is a hardcore punk / thrashcore band from Israel. Formed in '97, by the well known people in the scene. Some bands these people have played before are; Urban Skate Fanatics, Wackout, Shma Israel, Public Domain, Ethos, Useless ID, Nekhei Naatza and Negative Impact. But Dir Yassin is actually the name of a Palestinian village near Jerusalem, which was invaded by jews in 1948, and there was a massacre. So the band chose that name "to bring the sublimed bloody facts about Zionism and Israel's history back into its collective consciousness." For more info about the massacre check here: "Deir Yassin Remembered", for more info about the band check here: Dir Yassin. This discography cd is re-released in '05 by Tofu Guerilla and Alerta Antifascista  by the way. "

I first heard about Dir Yassin (the band and the massacre) from "Nazi" Dave - he was probably the first punk I ever met in Israel , and he got his nickname (and was proud of it somehow) because of the Crass and Dead Kennedys t-shirts he wore, which all the kids mistook for swastikas. Anyway, even though Dir Yassin had already quite a name at the time, it was impossible to get any of their recordings (this was i guess in '99). I found Evil Haim's number somehow, and he promised me over and over that he'll send me a tape, but i never got anything in the mail. Finally I met a friend who had the israeli released CD which was packed in an LP cover. That was probably the first REAL hardcore album that I ever ripped and burned.


1. Brotherly Mass Grave 
2. Temporary Situation 
3. Everything Known Beforehand
4. Spectacle
5. Taking The Secret To The Grave
6. Khesed Shel Emet
7. Slandering Campaign
8. All Our Planes Have Returned Safely
9. For Quality You Must Pay
10. Wholesale
11. Koakh Junction
12. Who Are You To Judge
13. Salvation At The End Of The Barrel Of A Gun
14. No More Propositions For The Day
15. Ink Stains Across The Border
16. Drafting Myth
17. Sheik Yassin Junior High
18. Time Bomb
19. Satanic Verses
20. Independence Day
21. Try and Get Raped
22. Murdering In The Name Of The Copywriter
23. A Day In A Week For False Consciousness
24. Shopping Mall Mentality
25. Sanitary Instillation
26. People
27. God Forgotten Place
28. Saving Selfishness
29. Prove Me Wrong
30. Manichean Scheme
31. Sobering
32. How Much Can I Hate?
33. A Minute Of Silence
34. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
35. N°3
36. Actually You Said Nothing
37. Innocent Lamb
38. Save Them From The Abyss Of Forgetfulness
39. Confirmation Killing
40. Something For Nothing
41. Utopia Through Industrial Espionage
42. Last Impression
43. National Asset
44. I Self Degrade
45. Always Righteous
46. Happiness Was Already Reached


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