Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smartut Kahol Lavan - Magnetic Storm (CD, 2003), Spontaneous Violence (CD, 2005), Video from Kultura (2005)

Smartut Kahol Lavan (Blue and White Rag) were one of my all time favorite hardcore bands. Fronted by Federico Gomez (ex Anarchomanim, Nekhei Naatza, Dir Yassin and more...) and backed up by the best musicians that were around - Yoni Bendor on drums, Yaniv Meizel on Guitar and Guy Shaham on Bass. Smartut were active around 2002-2006 and have always inspired me with their original lyrics, fast interesting riffs and raw drum sound. They released two albums ("Magnetic Storm" and "Spontaneous Violence") on Boshet Records and a 7" on Lengua Armada. Try Heart & Crossbone Records for availability.

Magentic Storm Tracks:
1. Concrete Slab - בטונדה
2. Beaten/Humiliated/Defeated - מוכה מושפל ומובס
3. Like a Thorn in the Side - כמו עצם בגרון
4. Softness - רכות
5. Usurer - מלווה בריבית
6. Fiberglass Totem - טוטם מפיברגלס
7. White and Blue Rag - סמרטוט כחול לבן
8. Magnetic Storm - סופה מגנטית
9. Anthem - המנון
10. This is a Recorded Message - זוהי הודעה מוקלטת
11. May God Avenge Their Blood - האל יקום דמם

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Spontaneous Violence Tracks:
1. Spontaneous Violence
2. The Right Among the Shadows
3. 1929
4. The Nightmare I'll Have Tomorrow
5. Fading
6. Severe Trauma
7. Amok Hygene
8. Relaxation of Extermination
9. Cruel Categorization
10. Play Something Sad
11. Stab the Bouncer
12. You're Disappearing
13. Magnetic Storm
14. Terror is to Flow
15. Like a Bone Up the Throat
16. Spontaneous Violence

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Smartut Kahol Lavan @ Kultura 2005:

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