Thursday, March 5, 2009

M.E.S.S. - Weekend Ritual Massacre (CD, 2009), Live Radio Session (HaKatze), demo (CD, 2007), Videoclips

Mister Error Sound System first started in 2003. Their current lineup is Rafi (guitar), Kooki (vocals), Gutzy (drums) and Lior (bass). Although they have existed for quite some time, I only started getting interested when they've settled with the current lineup. Gutzy is a mean-ass drummer who brings a crazy thrashy ound to their songs, and Tamar is in my opinion the best singer to have ever walked on a stage in this country. Male or female.

Some people really can't stand them, but I think it's mostly because they are afraid for their eardrums. Their newest album is such an intensive experience to the Israeli listener, and I myself couldn't believe that it's M.E.S.S. and not some Swedish crust band.

Weekend Ritual Massace is available for sale through Pit/Kit Records, Uganda Shop and Urban Decay Records.

Weekend Ritual Massacre Tracks:
1. Mr. Error Sound System
2. Ninety One
3. Dead in the Head
4. Destroy
5. Whorage
6. Feminazi
7. Kalba
8. Half Digested Rainbow
9. Pigs
10. Stereo
11. Punk
12. Bullet
13. White Socks


Demo Sept. 2007 Tracks: 
01 deadindahead
02 fridaypeople3
03 kalba6
04 bullet7
05 pigs7
06 rolldice4.
07 deadlyrobots5
08 punk4

Main -
Alternate -

Live Radio Session (at HaKatze) Download:



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  2. רציתי לשים "קליפים" ולא סתם קטעים מהופעות..
    בכל מקרה, אשמח אם תזדהה בשם.

  3. הי גיורה
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  4. Any chance of re-uploading the demo and radio session please? Thanks in advance.

  5. I updated the download links. Enjoy!

  6. fucking excellent - thanks Giora!