Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nikmat Olalim - Battle Legacy (CD, 2003), Self Devouring Land (7", 2004), various shows (2002-2005?)

Nikmat Olalim were active between the years 2001-2005. Its members were Tal - Bass, David - Guitar, Yaniv - Drums and me on vocals. Our goal in this band was to make political hardcore punk in the vain of Dead Kennedys, Propagandhi, Dir Yassin and Nekhei Naatza. We started playing at a time when most of the old political punks have left Israel, and we felt that the scene was missing something, which we tried to supply. Our success is for you to decide.
We recorded two sessions. The first was released on a CD titled "Battle Legacy" and the second was released on a 7" titled "Self Devouring Land". Recordings from the first session also appeared in a split 7" with a Turkish hardcore-grind band called Your Kingdom is doomed and in several compilations. Recordings from our second session also appeared on a split 12" with Oi Polloi.
The Band went defunct short after a two month tour in Europe in the fall of 2004. I guess spending so much time together made us lose all the chemistry and creativity that we had. Or it was just girl trouble... I don't know. I guess we all just grew up.

Battle Legacy Tracks:
1. Your Culture Makes Me Sick
2. Selective Blindness
3. Financial Target
4. Milk Children
5. Press Conference
6. Ethnic Cleansing
7. Ghetto Syndrome
8. Conform or Die
9. Talking Activist
10. Video Games Addict
11. Ballad for a Magav Cop


Self Devouring Land Tracks:
1. The Complete Destruction of Israel
2. Controlled Explosion
3. Hollow
4. One in a Million
5. No Way Out
6. Idiotology

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  1. היי
    אני עומר אני בן 17 ואני מכין לבית ספר עבודה בנושא פאנק כמחאה והשפעתו על הסכסוך הישראלי פלשתינאי.
    חשבתי שיהיה מאוד נחמד לעשות ראיון איתכם כלהקה או רק אם חלק מכם.
    באתי לפה כי לא ידעתי על עוד דרך לפנות אליכם
    מאוד אשמח אם אכן נוכל לבצע את הראיון,