Thursday, March 5, 2009

DPA - Straight Out of the Basement (CD, 200?), videos

"Formed in 1999 while touring Babylon /Useless ID Arik Mon (The mighty roadie) and Party found a shared love for the ultimate, sparkling Dr. Pepper drink. They then decided to form a band in the concept of being bored in the 80's even though it was the end of the 90's. What was there to do in the 80's besides wearing too much pink, going to punk shows, drinking DP, Eating chinese food and watching trashy movies in your parents basement such as The Goonies, Weird Science and Stand by me? We really don't know. But, Yuda Yace (another friend on tour) who would later transform into Dr. Pepper himself knew the answer and was crowned to lead the pact. On arrival back to jah holy land. The motivated 3 we're completed by Ido hamosveta and Kasha to handle second vocals and beat up anyone who took an unwanted sip of a Dr. Pepper Can. The band played shows all over Israel and gained a very warm crowd response as seen in the Straight outta da basement video. Eventually the band broke up in 2001 when every warrior went his seperate way and we're left with great memories and a classic hardcore record which would turn them into an unforgettable Israeli Hardcore band. Fast forward to 2007, All band members are "back to attack in the holy land" (not for long though... Pepper is here until Dec. 8 yace..yace..) so in conclusion we hope to see you all at the only 3 shows this band will play, have a great time and don't forget to start your day with a can of Docta peppa! yes i!" (

01 - Haifa Maccabim Connection
02 - Skate, Sweat and Budokan
03 - Trip to Nowhere
04 - Starving to Death In DC

05 - Hold Your Grudge
06 - Doomed
07 - Trend-Edge
08 - Frozen
09 - Best Interest
10 - Straight Out of the Basement
11 - Show's Over
12 - Second Option
13 - The Backstabber
14 - Friday Night to Share
15 - True Friends
16 - Bygones_Be_Bygones

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Straight Outta Da Basement Video:

Hafif Achi Video:


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